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Alliance Partners

Interconnect Systems is a corporate member of BICSI and has 3 BICSI RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) qualified staff members.

Our membership ensures that we are constantly updated on developments in the communications cabling industry. BICSI is a not-for-profit professional association for those involved in the design and installation of cabling infrastructures and telecommunications distribution systems.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, USA, BICSI serves nearly 25 000 members and installers in more than 110 countries around the world by providing high quality technical training and publications, conferences, professional registrations and more. BICSI offers several registration programmes that aim to provide consumers and employers with the assurance that BICSI qualified individuals are proficient in their designated area.

BICSI’s benchmark certification is the Registered Communications Distribution Designer – RCDD. This qualification is based on international standards like EIA/TIA, IEEE and UL. RCDD’s are first-class infrastructure designers that are globally aware and specify standards-based rather than vendor-based designs. Passing the RCDD exam is not easy and not many RCDD candidates succeed. In fact, not many even qualify to take the exam, which requires candidates to have two years of practical experience and both professional and personal references. RCDD candidates have to achieve a 78% mark on more than 20 core subjects in order to pass. In addition, to keep their certification, RCDD’s must obtain 45 continuing education credits (CEC’s) every 3 years at BICSI approved technical seminars and courses. That’s what sets an RCDD apart from the rest and that’s how a BICSI RCDD individual can give you the quality assurance that you need – which is why so many end-users and consultants around the world recognise the RCDD logo as a mark of quality and expertise.

Interconnect Systems became a Global Alliance Partner of LanTroVision at the beginning of 2012. This partnership was established to offer our global customers value added services, work along common installation standards, share technologies, installation methodologies and customers. This is the largest global partnership in the communications and cabling industry.

Our alliance region is Southern Africa. Interconnect Systems uses premium products inclusive of System Warranties offered by the product manufacturers to guarantee delivery of the specified bandwidth within certain parameters.



Our competitive advantage remains assured due to the fact that our technical staff are well trained and permanently employed, creating a sustained pool of knowledge.